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Dec 10, 2013 8:00am EST
who has given up the fight to repeal obamacare is ron johnson. too late to get rid of the affordable care act and now is the time to focus on the transition. he sits on the budget committee. he is here with us in new york. senator, great to have you join us this morning. >> i haven't given up the fight, when the health care law was simply 20,000 pages, you could repeal it and get rid of it. happened, itas exists. we have the exchanges set up. now i have to talk about how you unravel the health care law? how do you limit the damage and protect americans. that is our responsibility to do so. law,ll want to repeal the but it exists. when you repeal it, you're going to have to transition into free- market reforms that will restrain costs. >> what is your focus now? to preserveng freedom and choice in health care. that is what we need to do. we are seeing all of these mandated coverages that are increasing costs. those problems are made by the president and democrat senators and house members. if you like your health care and your doctor, your prescription drugs, now we're find
Dec 9, 2013 8:00am EST
big his goal fund which has strong to $370 million. cory johnson is here with me "in the loop" this morning. ever since he made those egg wins in housing, he has been scrutinized in those losses. >> he raised a lot of money in the down market. gold has been a really rough investment. aboutis excitement alternate currencies, whether it is cold, whether it is other trades, and of coarse bitcoin -- of course bitcoin. it is good to see him making a little bit of a comeback, especially in the things that work at first. lampert --ng any eddie lampert now vulnerable. senior markets are spotted julie hyman has the latest on june -- any lambert options. what is his current exposure to sears? now 48%take in sears is command that is because his clients have been asking for their money back in some cases. he recently distributed that back to them in the form of sears shares, and a reduced his stake from about 55% to about 48%. some bolts are watching the situation and sake that the investors are losing patience. invested inrst sears, there was a five-year lockup. lockuphey could not -- time whe
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
selling tickets from broadway to the super bowl to hub. cory johnson shows us just how -- -- ebay stub hub. >> we are not just about selling tickets. it is about creating the whole fan experience and innovation is used across the business. >> stub hub takes 25% off the top of ticket sales and the rest goes to the seller. stub hub is after a lot more. million back in 2007 and the business has grown dramatically. is selling one ticket every second. >> technology was the enabler for this online secondary ticket marketplace to happen. class features like interactive seat mass and mobile ticketing and ways to buy a couple of seats and split the bill with a friend. stub hub is a risk for ebay. the business has much worse mark -- margins. fallengross margins have since the stub hub acquisition. paypal surely furthered the trend. every april mental dollar of stub hub profits compresses ebay's overall margins. milking big data could be the key to improving it. we are is a new science trying to develop and trying to understand that. >> stub hub's chief technology officer. already.w buyers w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3